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  • James Niekamp

It's Almost Time to Renew Your Ohio Brewery or Distillery Permit

The Fall season is quickly approaching, which means that Ohio breweries and distilleries will soon need to submit renewal permit applications with the Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

All Ohio manufacturing class liquor permits have a renewal deadline of October 1st. The deadline to submit the renewal application is 15 days prior to the permit expiration date. A 10 % penalty fee will be applied pursuant to R.C. 4303.271, if the renewal application is not timely filed.

In order to renew your Ohio brewery or distillery permit, you must submit a renewal application and pay the associated renewal fees. Renewal fees will vary based on your permit type. For a breakdown of permit fees by permit type click here.

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control recently created an online portal to renew online, which we previously covered in a prior blog article. When completing the renewal application, it is important to list any changes in officers, shareholders, or members and changes in operational status. Also keep in mind that your permit renewal application may be rejected if any outstanding tax issues have not been resolved per R.C. 4303.271.

To stay ahead of any permit renewal issues, including tax delinquencies, we recommend keeping on the lookout for any tax hold notices and to file your permit renewal application early to provide ample time to clear any issues that might prevent the renewal of your Ohio liquor permit.

If you have questions about your Ohio brewery or distillery permits, we recommend consulting with an experienced industry attorney.


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