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  • James Niekamp

Ohio Liquor Control Shifting to Online Product Registration Starting October 1st.

Image of unlabeled beer cans

In May 2023, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control introduced an online product registration portal named "Product Registration Online", or "PRO", to register all Ohio beer, wine, and low-proof spirits products within the state.

With the success of PRO over the past few months, the Ohio Division of Liquor Control is removing all paper applications for product registrations on their website effective October 1st, 2023.

With the transition to the online “PRO” portal, there are a few things one should keep in mind. If a TTB Certificate of Lable Approval ("COLA") is required for a label, the user can access approved COLA's in PRO by entering their TTB Permit or Registry number. Once the approved COLA is selected, the user need only answer a few application questions and then submit payment online through PRO. Product submissions attached to an approved TTB COLA will be automatically approved through PRO, which is a welcome change for the industry.

If TTB COLAs are not required for a particular product, the user can still register products through PRO by uploading labels (or images of tap handles) and filing out the application. Approvals will not be automatic in such instances, as the application will need to be reviewed by the Division of Liquor Control for accuracy and completeness before approval is granted. While PRO does not have a standard processing time for approval, it is ultimately anticipated to be consistent with paper processing times.

To get started with online product registrations, visit PRO or Ohio Division of Liquor Control’s Product Registration Online Guide for more information.


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