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  • James Niekamp

How to File a TTB Refund Claim

Many businesses in the alcohol and tobacco industries are familiar with TTB, but not all are familiar with the TTB refund claim process.

To file a refund claim, an industry member may submit TTB form 5620.8, found here:

The claim form is a generic form, which allows for the industry member to file a claim for a number of different reasons, including:

  1. Remission of Tax

  2. Allowable of Loss

  3. Drawback-MNBP

  4. Allowance of Credit for Tax

  5. Allowance of Tax

  6. Drawback-Export

  7. Abatement of Tax

  8. Refund of Tax, or

  9. "Other"

Although the TTB claim form is generic in nature, the industry member is required to provide the basis of the claim, including citing to the regulatory authority (i.e. the actual regulation authorizing the claim).

Additionally, the claimant is required to provide a basis of claim summary under box #11; this generally include a listing of attachments included with the claim.

Although most industry members traditionally submitted refund claims by mail, TTB has recently created an online electronic submission process to upload a claim form and supporting documentation for that claim.

A link to the online electronic submission can be found here:

When submitting a claim, be sure to verify the accuracy of the substance and format of the claim; a claim with errors can result in fines and penalties being deducted from the refund payment, or the claim being denied altogether. In other words, it is highly advisable to consult with an industry attorney experienced with filing these claims.


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