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  • James Niekamp

Central and Eastern Ohio D Class Liquor Permit Renewals Due Soon

Ohio Class C and D liquor permits are renewed on a trimester schedule by county (i.e., renewals are determined by location, not permit type). If you have multiple permits located in different parts of the state, you will have to renew those permits at separate times based upon the locations.

Ohio is divided into three districts, each with a different renewal deadline:

  • District 1 permits, located in Central and Eastern Ohio, have a renewal deadline of February 1.

  • District 2 permits, located in Western Ohio, have a renewal deadline of June 1.

  • District 3 permits, located in Northeastern Ohio, or any A, B, B2a, H, S-1, or S-2, W permit have a renewal deadline of October 1.

To view a map of the liquor permit renewal districts by county, click here.

To renew your Ohio liquor permit online, click here: Renewal Signup - OPS (

Renewal applications are submitted through the online portal. The Division will send you a notification 60 days prior to your permit expiration date detailing how to access the renewal portal. It is important that your renewal application is submitted on time. A penalty of 10% of the permit fee will be applied if the application for renewal is not filed at least fifteen days prior to the expiration of the permit. District 1 permit holders must file their renewal application no later than January 17 to avoid the penalty.


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