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  • James Niekamp

Need Help with TTB Reports?

TTB Reports Instructions

For many in the alcohol beverage industry, January is a busy month when it comes to TTB Operations Reports and Federal Excise Tax Returns. Of course, many Distilled Spirits Plants (or “DSP’s”) are used to filing their TTB Operations Reports monthly, so January may feel no different than any other month.

However, for many small craft breweries and wineries, January is an important month when annual Federal Excise Tax returns are filed (for those industry members who are eligible to file annually).

Further compounding the matter, TTB has recently implemented a new policy in which it conducts a mini review of an industry member's compliance history when certain new amendments are filed with the agency. Industry members with missing reports or excise tax returns may be required to submit for missing periods before TTB processes the filed amendments.

That being the case, now might be a good time to ensure your brewery, winery, or distillery is caught up on its TTB reporting and Federal Excise Tax return requirements.

Here's a quick list of commonly filed TTB Forms for craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries:

Please note - this list is not exhaustive, and your particular reporting requirements may depend on your filing status. If you have questions about completing these forms, we recommend contacting an attorney with experience in this area.


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