Need TTB Compliance Help for your Distilled Spirits Plant? Here's a Great Place to Start:

Anyone who has a DSP permit likely knows how tedius and complicated the required compliance paperwork can be. Luckily, TTB provides a very detailed account of common issues and compliance guidance on their website.

Specifically, TTB breaks down the most commonly found compliance issues into the categories below. It is certainly good practice to be well-versed in the following areas and contact your compliance consultant whenever you have questions.

Common Records Issues:

  1. Records Issue 1 — Physical Inventory Records

  2. Records Issue 2 — General Records and TTB Reports

  3. Records Issue 3 — Type of Records Required

  4. Records Issue 4 — Transfers Between Bonded Premises

  5. Records Issue 5 — Finished Product Records

  6. Records Issue 6 — Record of Tax Determination

  7. Records Issue 7 — Record of Destruction

Common Inventory Issues:

  1. Inventory Issue 1 — Storage Inventory

  2. Inventory Issue 2 — Processing Inventory

  3. Inventory Issue 3 — Denatured Spirits Operations Inventory\

  4. Inventory Issue 4 — Production Inventory

  5. Inventory Issue 5 — Beverage and Industrial Spirits Case Identification Markings

  6. Inventory Issue 6 — Gauge Records for Production, Storage, and Packaged Spirits

Common Reporting Issues:

  1. Reporting Issue 1 — Monthly Reports Submitted to TTB

  2. Reporting Issue 2 — Losses in Bond

  3. Reporting Issue 3 — Timing for Submitting Excise Tax Return

Common Application, Equipment, and Security Issues:

  1. Application, Equipment, and Security Issue 1 — Registration and Permits of DSP and Identification of Structures, Areas, Apparatus, and Equipment

  2. Application, Equipment, and Security Issue 2 – Security

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